Thursday 19th, July 2018


The Home Office’s ACMD has concluded today that doctors should be able to prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products.

The ACMD agrees with the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies that “there is now evidence of medicinal benefit for some Cannabis-derived products in certain medical conditions for some patients”.

We’ve collected immediate reactions to the latest news, and we will be posting a more considerate statement tomorrow.

“This is a historic day and at last brings medicinal cannabis closer to reality for many tens of thousands of people in the UK,”

Hon Professor Mike Barnes, Neurological Rehabilitation & Medical Cannabis Expert



“I am encouraged by the recommendations that the ACMD has laid out for the regulations surrounding cannabis-derived medicinal products. I have seen first-hand how cannabis-based medicines can transform patients’ lives, so I am excited to see steps taken in the UK that will increase patient access to these important medicines while maintaining proper regulations and safe-prescribing practices.

As the need to understand the benefits and limitations of cannabis-based medicines increases with their growing use around the world, it is important to build programs that will allow for future research and controlled clinical trials.”

Dr. Rosemary Mazanet. Chief Scientific Officer Columbia Care



“I welcome changes to the scheduling of cannabis and its re introduction into the British pharmacopoeia. We hope that implantation is swift and wide spread and that patients get access to cannabis medicines at the earliest opportunity.

From this new announcement we would hope that police forces around the country are listening and will not spend any more time or resources on patients that consume cannabis to help them cope with illness.”

Clark French, Founder & Director UPA



“We are waiting to hear what an exact definition of a cannabis-derived medicinal product is going to be, but we are thrilled! This month has been a marathon of good news, from Billy Caldwell getting his medicine back to the announcement of the review and CMO Dame Sally Davies admitting that cannabis has therapeutic benefits and should be prescribed by doctors to the latest recommendation by the Home Officer’s own advisor that it needs to be promptly rescheduled.

Based on what we saw from the government so far on this issue, there is a reason for us to believe that promptly means promptly,”

Marina Kim, Families 4 Access.