June 30, 2018.

It is disappointing to discover the Daily Mail newspaper has had five journalists working on a story to undermine Charlotte Caldwell, a single mother who is only in the public eye through her fight to save her chronically-ill child. 

This is particularly surprising when the paper so recently published an interview filled with praise for 'the lion-hearted mother who fought a David and Goliath battle with bureaucracy.'

In today's edition (Saturday, June 30, 2018) they published a story about Charlotte and Billy's campaign, which unfortunately makes some false assumptions and claims.

Paul Birch, who has funded the campaign, has not and will not invest in cannabis production. It is a total falsehood to run an online headline claiming his public-spirited philanthropy is motivated by commercial desire to make money.

Charlotte’s team scoured the world for the best pediatric neurologists and found them in Toronto.

She visited a hospital seen and acknowledged as a world leader in children's healthcare, and which prescribed a Tilray product. 

She was supported in her search by Steve Moore who, as an experienced campaigner, has contacts in every legal medicinal cannabis company in the world. 

Unfortunately, these simple facts are twisted under a misleading headline.

Charlotte has always been open, but that a Daily Mail journalist abused that openness is extremely disappointing.

Charlotte remains grateful to her team and supporters in her fight to ensure families and patients have access to medicinal cannabis for serious conditions.

She will also be forever be grateful to the incredible generosity of the philanthropist Paul Birch, who is committed to providing support for victims of outdated laws. He marshaled a team to reach out across the world to access the best clinical advice and treatment available. She also remains profoundly grateful to the doctors in Canada who prescribed it.