You've no doubt heard the Government has announced its process to address assessment of those who might benefit from the prescription of medicinal cannabis in THC form.
We desperately want to say it's positive, but we really can't be fully supportive. We are already getting feedback from families, and we'd like yours too.
These are the sort of things we're hearing:
- Will doctors resist getting involved because they've been told they will take "full responsibility for risks and liability"?
- Does exhausting "all legal alternatives" mean parents will be forced to inflict some pretty horrible drugs on their children, such as nitrazepam and other horrible drugs with horrible side effects?
- There's just going to be too many people applying. This is open to anybody who feels they will benefit - from those with acquired brain injuries to those with some form of epilepsy. 600,000 people alone have some form of epilepsy in the UK.

We asked various professional medical bodies and associations what their views were, and virtually all of them said the same thing: the first they knew about this was the press release they saw from us, and they don't really understand what their role will be in the process. "We've had no guidelines" said one. "Frankly, we're a bit bewildered," said another.
We need to feed back to the Home Office the real-world position of families who are neither politicians, not doctors, but who, in some cases, are so dedicated to the well-being of their children in some cases know, as one journalist said, more than the experts.
What's your view? Please let us know via email ASAP - 

Many Thanks,

The Families 4 Access Team