Rob Emerson Named Director of Families4Access in Northern Ireland


Given the unprecedented support raising around Charlotte Caldwell’s story, many families across the UK have come together to form the Families4Access campaign group.
We are happy to announce that Rob Emerson, father of 2-year-old epileptic Jorja, has been nominated as Director of Families4Access in Northern Ireland.

Jorja suffers from a rare form chromosome deletion which makes her suffer from epilepsy, low tone muscle, and delayed developments, among other things. After seeing numerous specialists, both home and abroad, Rob and his wife Carly were unable to get access to the medical cannabis they desperately need to prevent their daughter from having seizures. Find more information about Jorja’s story here:

Rob and his family have joined Families4Access to grant every family in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK the right to access medical cannabis to treat their children.

For any press enquiries, please contact +447870515025

Families 4 Access